Mistress Ambra






Welcome to the Delicious world of Ambra. My Style will take you over the edge and show you just what true FemCan Cuisine should be all about.

My Telephone Number is 519-502-2484

I'm delighted to be a part of KitchenConversation.com and look forward to sharing all of your Secret Desires and Dreams, Your Fetishes and your Fantasies. As you can see above I'm a well versed Chef who has that special Flair in the Kitchen and will soon be hosting my own Cooking Show on the OSK FemCan Network. You'll soon be able to purchase a download of my Show as well as speak to me exclusively on the Telephone.

I have my own live-in LongPig who's there to give me almost everything I need....I need You and the things that only You can provide me with.....the sounds of your own Stories and Experiences.....I need to share my thoughts with you and twist and mold everything there is about you where FemCan Fantasies lie.